Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My boy is a pretty cool young man!

You know that point when as a mother you look at your child and really see that they are growing up. I had one of those moments over the weekend. I was talking with J my oldest son. We were talking about girls. I often talk with him about what is going on in his world,trying to stay plugged in. He told me something that made me proud and let me see that he's maturing into a good young man.

He told me he is looking for the right girl,not just any girl. I asked him to explain,I wanted to see what the right girl was in his eyes. He said well I can go out with just any girl yea but then I have to worry about her wanting to do things that I'm not ready to do. I want to wait until I'm married to do things that most of the kids are doing and if I go out with just any girl she will pressure me and I don't want that.

What a mature answer for a 15 year old boy! I was so proud to see that he really is listening to me when we talk and that he has his priorities in check.

God Bless,