Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday's Cleaning

Today we will focus on the kitchen.

The new revised cleaning list will be posted at the end of this post.

The Tools You Will Need....

4 - 5 cleaning rags
oven cleaner
paper towels
trash bag
broom and dustpan
wood cleaner
comet,soft scrub,or baking soda
butter knife
old toothbrush

When you first walk into the kitchen to give a good cleaning you have to make sure you get the sink,counters,table clean of all dirty dishes. So go ahead and get that done quickly...... wash them quickly by hand or rinse them and put them in the dishwasher.

Move quickly onto the next bit of cleaning....the sink...since there's no dishes in it,sprinkle some comet or soft scrub in it,then head over to the stove,take all the drip pans and burners off and set aside some where (if the pans need cleaned set aside until later),spray the stove top with no fume oven cleaner (crack a window when you do this or turn on the exhaust fan),now move onto the oven and do that same. Go back to the sink.

With a cleaning rag start scrubbing the sink clean,don't forget the faucets and around the sink. Get that old tooth brush and scrub around the faucets and get them nice and clean. Next get that butter knife out and get all the gunk out of from around the sink where it's connected to the counter. Once you have it all cleaned,rinse it really well and get all signs of comet rinsed away.

Let's get the stove cleaned now that the oven cleaner has had time to do it's job. Get another cleaning rag and start scrubbing the stove top,things should come off fairly easily if not you may need to spray some more oven cleaner on it and let it set longer. Once the stove top is clean,lift up the hood and clean under it,you'll be surprised at what you will find there if you haven't cleaned it in a while. When it's all cleaned out and looking good,close the stove top and get on your knees and start getting that oven cleaned and looking great. Top,side,bottom and racks.

OK when that is done close the oven door and get out your Windex and a paper towel. Spray down the doors and sides and wipe it clean. This will give it a nice shine. Do the same to the dish washer door.

If you had to wash the drip pans make sure you get that done and then put the stove top back together again.

Now it's time to focus on the refrigerator. I take out a drawer,clean it quickly and fill it with hot water and 1/2 tbs of bleach. Get all the old food out and take out all the stuff you are going to keep. With a clean cleaning rag,start on the top shelf and clean it well the shelves and all inside the fridge including the door. Once you have it all wiped out and smelling better,put all the food items you set out that you are keeping back in. And do the same thing to your freezer. Once your finished take a paper towel and Windex and clean the outside to make it look nice.

Don't forget to wipe out and clean the microwave oven inside and out. Use some bleach water for that as well. But make sure you rinse it well and keep the door open when your finished to let it air dry.

Make sure the table is cleaned off and get some wood cleaner and a rag and clean it well,start at the top,sides,and legs done. Then do the chairs. Move quickly and get it done.

You should have a pretty good looking kitchen at this point and you don't have much more to do. So lets keep going and get the counters nice and clean. Take every thing off the counters and spray them with bleach/water solution and a cleaning rag or paper towel. Wipe them down and replace the items that belong on it and put away or throw away what doesn't.

If you are doing the wood work this week lets get to that now. Get your cleaning rag you used for the table and chairs and wood cleaner and wipe down the fronts of the cabinets,then move to the trim and get down on your knees and get the baseboards nice and clean.

Your doing great,I know the kitchen is a big job but once your done it's will be much easier to keep it up,then next Wednesday it won't take you nearly as long to do it.

Get the Windex and paper towels and wipe the switch plates and clean the windows and sills. I wash the curtains once a month too.

Get the trash bagged and clean out the can and re bag it with the trash bag you took out. Wipe the wall around the trash can with bleach/water solution or cleaning solution you prefer. Sweep and mop the floor then look back at all your hard work and see how great your kitchen looks now. GOOD JOB!

Other Cleaning....

Make the beds
sweep high traffic areas and porches
swish the toilet quickly to keep it smelling good.
pick up clutter through out your day
drink plenty of water

Revised Cleaning Schedule For Wednesday

Make beds-Daily
do laundry- Daily
Sweep high traffic areas - Daily
Sweep porches to keep dirt from being carried indoors - Daily
Swish the toilet -Daily when needed
clutter runs -Daily
Wash dishes and keep sink clean and counter clutter free - Daily
Clean fridge and freezer- Every 2 weeks
Clean sink,stove,oven,and microwave - every 2 weeks
wipe cabinet fronts - monthly
wash curtains-monthly
windows and window sills - every 2 weeks
clean counters -weekly
wipe down appliances - weekly
clean table and chairs - weekly
clean switch plates - every 2 weeks
make trash,clean can and re bag- weekly
clean walls around trash can - weekly
sweep and mop - weekly

God bless,