Friday, July 10, 2009

Confessions of a messy

Even when I was a child my mom use to complain because I was a clutter bug. Not to bad just my clothes. I would get changed and drop my clothing onto the floor in the corner by my bed with every intention of picking them up and taking them to the laundry. But well that just never seemed to happen. I got so busy with things I would honestly forget. Then my mom would see them and well lets just say not be too happy.

Then I thought it would be smart to outsmart my mom (like I ever could,mom's are superhuman and know when their kids are hiding something). I would hurry up when she was doing room inspections and shove all my "stuff " under my bed. Yea that's a great place,she will never find them there I thought. Then I won't have to hear my mom yelling at me about my room. Or so I thought.

I went on my way doing things. When my mom came to my room, I stopped and watched with my fingers crossed. Hoping that she doesn't look under my bed and knowing that if she does I'm toast. As she walked in my room she looked around and found nothing. She looked at me pleasantly surprised and I gave her a nervous smile. She walk around looking at things checking things out and I thought I was in the clear. See I wasn't going to keep the things under my bed I was going to take them to laundry just as soon as the coast was clear. And I wasn't doing this to save myself but to save my mom the aggravation of dealing with me. See how much of a loving and understanding child I was (not). Just before she walked out of my room I turned to see her getting down onto the floor. I thought oh no please don't look there. She bent down and lifted up my bed spread. I stood there terrified of what she would do when she saw what I have done.

When she finally got up to her knees she turned and looked at me. And said " Do you think I'm stupid,like I wouldn't look under here." " Get it cleaned up NOW!" And then she walked out of my room. Me well what do you think I did. Of course I cleaned it. Well for the most part.

After I thought I was finished I called to my mom. " Mom I'm finished can I go play now" My mom would reply with " Hold on a minute let me check your room real quick first" I would say with a somber "ok" Why so down,I knew I had not cleaned very well and I knew I would not be able to go and play for a while yet if at all that day.

She comes into my room,I'm standing waiting for her response. She looks immediately under my bed and turns her head and looks at me with that you can't be serious look on her face. She gets up and gives me that Get it done right look and walks out of my room. I being the insane child I asked her as she was walking out of my room "can I go play now" in a not so sure voice. She looked at me like I had two heads and purple spots all over my face and said "NO,Get it done."

Knowing that if I didn't clean it right I would be stuck in that room for eternity. I decided to give in and get it done,not because I was being nice,not because it was my responsibility but because I wanted to go play. When I was done I called to her again and she came. She looked and smiled and said "See now that wasn't so hard was it" I asked "Can I go play" She replied "yes"

I ran out of that house so fast it would make speed racer look slow. Finally I was free and I could run and play.

Part 2 coming soon!

Chapter 2. You would think I got the picture,but nope!

Yes as I grew I knew how to clean but did I do it,nope. I can't tell you how many battles my mom and I had just because I didn't do what I was told to do or I didn't do it right. I hated to wash dishes (still do to this day),I hated to sweep and mop and clean the bathroom and do laundry. I hate to sort through things and get rid of them. Some could say I was a lazy girl and yes I was to a point,but I had the thought of why clean it,it will just get messed up again.

Well that way of thinking didn't roll over to well with my mom. She was very good at cleaning and organizing things and just wanted to teach me the same way of living. And I do have to say she did her job and did it very well. I was just so stubborn that I didn't want to listen to her and was so determined to do it my way.

That way of thinking caused me more trouble than you want to know. Not just from my mom but also my dad. Because when my mom couldn't get through to me then that's when my dad would take over. And let me tell you I really didn't want that. Sooner or later after redoing and job I was assigned to do,the job was done correctly.

I can remember hearing so many times,"if you would just do it right the first time,then you would save yourself so much time and frustration" Oh if I only listened to my momma then.


Anonymous said...

haha I love it! I was the same way, except I was spoiled rotten. I never had chores growing up, ever. I left my clothes wherever, the corner of my bathroom or the floor of my bedroom. The worst part is the laundry room was literally right next to my bedroom!! Good for your mom for making you stick around to clean it up! I'm sure you hated it growing up though :)

Look forward to part 2.