Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It is very important to keep your home free of clutter. This also will be critical in organizing and keeping your home clean.

What you will need: Garbage bags, and 5 boxes to start

note: if you don't have yard sales or if you don't want to give away the items then you can knock 2 boxes off this list. If you have alot to sort through you can save the boxes for last and simply make piles but you must not stop doing it like this or you will have more of a mess than before. Move quickly and don't second guess yourself. If you don't love it let it go to someone that will!

Label the boxes:

1. keepers: for items you really really want to keep.
2. give aways: for items that maybe you want to give to a friend or family member.
3. donations: Items to give to charity.
4. seasonal: items that only need to be taken at about 1 or maybe 2 times a year.
5. garage sale: items you want to sell.

Now label each box with appropriate names.

Step 1. Imagine what you want the room to look like once it's done. This give you a goal to work towards.

2. With bags and boxes along side you pick a spot and start. Go through everything, leaving NOTHING untouched. When you pick up and item ask yourself: Do I need this? Do I really use it? Once you decide what to do with the item, place it in it's new home. Is it trash put it in the bag if not put it in the appropriate box. Keep going, now the key is keep working don't hesitate, put it away and keep going DO NOT LOOK BACK.

3. Once one box gets full, seal it up and set it aside and start on a new box. Don't forget to label it as well. Remember to not let yourself get overwhelmed by leaving all the boxes and bags around you to pile up. Stop every 6 box or bags and dispose or put away. Clean as you go.

4. Put garage sale boxes away. Keepers,seasonal do the same thing. Give aways make sure whom ever is receiving the goods take them immediately do not let them set around your home waiting for them to come after them. If they don't come after them I'm sure a charity would be more than happy to take them off your hands. Donations get them out of there asap.

5. Come on now keep moving your not done yet.

6. Once your room is decluttered and clean out. You need to straighten the room. Do a room clean. If you need a guide use the cleaning, cleaning,cleaning file it will break it down for you room by room.

7. Your done now, so stand back and look at your beautiful organized,clutter free, clean room

8. To keep it up do daily cleaning and I recommend cleaning it very well once a week.


God Bless,