Thursday, September 25, 2008

Money Saving Tips

I sent this in to my yahoo group a few years back. Things I do to save money for my family. And with times being so tough and getting tougher I thought it may be useful to someone and to remind myself as well.

1. take shorter showers
2. I cut my drier sheets into 3rds making one box last me months
3. Drink water
4. I filled up an old water bottle with pebbles and placed it in the back of the toilet so it use less water now per flush.
5. hang as much laundry to dry if possible for as long as possible
6. make more meals at home and from scratch as possible.
7. make my own laundry detergent
8. make my own bread
9. garden and preserve the produce
10. use up leftovers
11. keep heat down as low as one can
12. use ceiling fans and put off turning on the ac for as long as possible/use ceiling fans to circulate the heat in the winter to save money on your heating bill.
13. keep lights off unless it's needed
14. turn off tv and computer monitor when not using it
15. don't use dry cycle on dish washer,let them air dry
16. don't buy boxed cereals make oatmeal instead its cheaper and healthier
17. don't drive unless absolutely necessary and try to combine trips
18. when cooking make a double batch and freeze one so your only using the stove/oven once
19. use coupons for eating out
20. use a hand soap pump for shampoos and conditioners and body washes to use less
21. save your change it all adds up.

God Bless,