Friday, February 20, 2009

What I've been doing to keep food costs down

One thing that I have always been so bad at and that is using up leftovers. With the cost of food so high I am making myself use them up. I aim to not throw away anything that can be eaten. That's like throwing your hard earned money in the trash.

With meat,I divide it up into one serving per person in our household. If John is going to take some in his lunch then I add a serving for him. This way I'm getting more meals from packages that I buy. I normally get the largest package we can afford to get,when I find it at a really good prices. Right now in my freezer I have several packages of chicken,a whole chicken,a large roast,pork chops and that's just off the top of my head.

I can make tons of meals from the chicken,it's such a versatile food that it adapts easily to most recipes. The roast can become 3 different meals, meal 1 the roast with fixings. meal 2 open faced hot roast beef sandwiches and meal 3 beef and potato stew with biscuits. Using the last bit of the roast for the stew.

I do the same with ham. I'll have the ham dinner for meal 1. Then have ham slices with sides for meal 2 or ham and mac & cheese casserole, and for meal 3 soup beans using the bone and any bits of ham I have leftover.

It's my goal to use as much as I can before moving on to another. This way I'm wasting less and our food is going longer.

So my goals look like this.... and get the best price for everything we buy. Using coupons when I can as often as I can.
2. putting the food away properly as soon as I get home. Using my vacuum sealer to seal the meat in portions appropriate for my family size.
3. making my menu and sticking to it
5. using up all of the food in the menu so I'm not wasting food
6. Making more than one meal from what is on my menu whenever it is possible to do so. at home first and use your shopping trip to stock up more.

Using these tactics is helping keep my home well stocked with food and my grocery bill under control. Not to mention using up what we have before moving on. It takes some control and you have to be determined to do this but it's easy to achieve if you set your mind to do it and just do it.

God Bless,


Doug Joseph said...

Check out my original recipe (an Italian dish) called Chicken a la Benedum. Recipe summary is available at

Anonymous said...

I am awful at eating leftovers too. I just don't like how they taste. Since getting married and seeing the value of a dollar though I am slowly getting better.

Where you do get your coupons? I feel like I don't save enough with coupons because I don't really know where to look for them.

Tammy said...

I get them in the Sunday paper. I print them on line and load them onto my kroger card. I have the links to the 2 sites I use for my card a few post before this one. Here are a couple of links to the sites I print off....

God Bless,