Thursday, August 28, 2008

Being there for you teen

You have your beautiful gift from God in your arms and all the love that you feel for that child is overwhelming. All the hopes and dreams you and your husband have for this child are about to come into play from this day on. You raise he/she to love the Lord and to work hard with what ever he/she does in life.

Then before you know it they grow into a teenager then it's a whole new ball game. They are going to go through stuff that you will be able to handle and some you will have no idea what to do or say that will make a difference for them. They will have disappointments that you will want to take charge and make it all better even though you know you can't,so you are there for them ,a caring heart and a listening ear and tons of prayers to the big guy. Some things will be little and some not so little.

It's hard to let go of your teen when your heart is telling you to hold on to them but your mind is telling you that you have to let them go a little at a time. That they are growing up and have to learn how to handle things for themselves with you as a support and not always in charge of it. That's where you get to see your years of teaching them come into play. Where your role of teacher and mentor are not over and will never be but it changes from one form to another.

Your heart will break when theirs break and you will jump for joy when they do. We are so connected to our children, you can't help but share in what they are going through at that time. Although your role may change as time goes on one thing never changes your still mom and they still love and adore you. They will still and always need you.

Rules for a mom to live by:

1. Pray for your child(ren) constantly
2.Guide your child(ren) in the ways of the Lord
3.Teach your child(ren) how to be a productive person
4.Pray daily for them
5.Be a person they can come to for support not always a judgemental overseer
6. Pray daily for them
7.Let them know that no matter what you love them
8. Hug them often
9.Pray for them daily
10.Practice what you preach

God Bless,