Thursday, October 9, 2008

Burgers Hot of The Grill

By:Tammy Channel

We enjoy grilling burgers out on the grill. Here's my recipe it's a huge hit at our house.

2 lbs hamburger
3 TBS garlic powder
1/8 C. Worcester sauce
3 TBS onion powder

Drop hamburger,garlic powder,onion powder and Worcester sauce in a mixing bowl. Mix well with hands. Take a chunk of hamburger,about the size of 2 golf balls. Form in ball in hands and the press into a patty. I like to make mine a little thin so they don't shrink up as bad on the grill.
Place on hot grill cook until juices run clear when pressed with spatula.

I often make up a triple batch of burgers then freeze them. I put them in freezer bags normally 4 to 6 per layer,then put a piece of wax paper in between each layer of burger to prevent them from sticking together when freezer.