Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My views on modesty

Most of you know that I and my daughter are modest dressing gals. With the many different ideas about what it means to dress modestly,I thought it was time for me to blog about what my views are on modest dress.

First,modest dress is just that dress,not pants or slacks or shorts. Dresses or skirts! That's it period. There are many different type of dresses and skirts out there. We wear only dresses and skirts that hit below the knee. This can be a challenge sometimes with Little C,I get her a dress and it's so cute and she looks so pretty in it and then she grows all of a sudden,and that pretty dress is now to short on her. I can't tell you how many times she has put on a dress just to come out of her room and tell me "Um momma I think this dress is too short now" I look to see that she's right it's above her knees now.

It makes me so happy to see that my daughter values her body as God does. She tries her best to keep herself covered,this type of behavior in a world that if full of young girls flaunting their bodies for all to see is a wonderfully refreshing view. We have also been blessed to belong to a church that shares our views on this matter and Little C has friends there that reaffirm the way she carries herself.

On top of the skirts and dresses. I also watch what kind to tops I wear. No low cut or loose tops,if they are to low cut or loose I will wear a shirt under them for more protection and coverage. If the sleeves are cut to low under the arms I again wear a shirt under it to cover me. If the shirt is a bit to see through for my taste I again wear and shirt under it to cover me.

My hair is long and I do not get it cut unless it is to get split ends trimmed. I believe that my long hair is a glory to God and is to be my covering in prayer. I use to get my hair cut but since the Lord put the conviction of dress over me I have not gotten my hair cut. The same with my daughter.

A lady is a lady from head to toe inside and out. If you look the part act the part. Remember you will get more respect acting as a lady should act. Mind your manners and be respectful. It all goes hand in hand,modesty is the outer and inner woman. The whole package!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post sister! I completely agree about modesty being dresses and skirts, long dresses and skirts, with tops that cover. I also keep my hair long for the Lord, it is our glory after all. That is so very wonderful that your daughter is recognizing and respecting modesty and lets you know when her dress is immodest instead of you having to let her know! She will grow to be a wonderful daughter of the Lord and pillar of light.

Tammy said...

Thank You. I am so proud of her to take this view of her body. I have always taught her to sit properly in a dress but this came from her I didn't have to tell her a thing.

God Bless,