Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday's Cleaning

We are going to focus on the Living &/or family room and/or office.
The new revised cleaning list for today is the end of this post.

I do not have a family room or office in my home but some of you may. You can take this cleaning list and adapt it to your home.

The tools you will need are....

bag for trash
vacuum/broom & dustpan (if you don't have carpeting,like me!),swiffer or dust mop
2 cleaning rags ( I use microfiber cloths)
wood cleaner
paper towels

First go through and get all and any papers and odds and ends that don't belong in that room and get them out of there. If you have papers or mail laying around go through it and throw out what you don't need to keep and put the others where they are meant to go. Use your bag you brought along for trash for this.

Now if you are going to be cleaning the walls then lets get that out of the way first. It's important when you are cleaning to remember to clean from top to bottom. Get your dust mop out or vacuum what ever you are using and start at one corner gliding the cleaning instrument up and down the wall to the baseboards. Keep going until the whole room is complete.

Get the glass cleaner and a paper towel and get to cleaning your picture glass. Take the pictures down and make sure your wall is clean behind it,if not wipe it with another towel. Keep going until all the pictures are done. Replace each one as you get it cleaned.

Now that the walls are doing let's look at the doors and trim. If you are doing them this week then get a cleaning rag and the wood cleaner and start clean the wood trim and baseboards all the way around the room. If you have wood doors in this room clean them now. Use a paper towel with some glass cleaner on it to wipe the knobs,switch plates (all of them).

Once that is done,lets get started on dusting. Get another cleaning rag and dampen it with water (this only works if you are using a microfiber cloth) and start with your tv(if you have an lcd or plasma),wipe the screen and get the dust off it,wipe the rest of it and the tv stand. Keep moving until you all your furniture dusted (if you have alot of wood furniture,then every other time you can use the wood cleaner to give it a good cleaning and shine).Don't forget the Nick knacks and things you may have about,they need dusted and cleaned as well.

Grab a paper towel and the glass cleaner and clean any glass doors you may have,the windows and storm door/door if you this pertains to you.

Get the vacuum out and attach the upholstery attachment and vacuum your furniture really well including under the cushions. Once your done then get the floor swept either by the vacuum or use a broom and dustpan. Next thing is to mop the floor so do that now.

If you want you can spray some febreze or something like that on the furniture when your finished to give it a nice smell. If not your done with today's deep cleaning!

Other cleaning:

make beds
wipe counters and sink after each meal
don't let the table get cluttered
pick up through out your day
clean any spots from the bathroom mirror(s)
sweep the porches of they need to keep the dirt from being carried indoors
sweep the high traffic areas and maybe run a mop over them quickly
drink plenty of water throughout your day.

Revised Cleaning Schedule for Tuesday:

Make beds - daily
do laundry - daily
sweep floors and mop (high traffic areas) - daily
sweep porches - daily if needed
clutter runs - daily
dust - weekly
clean ceiling fan - every 2 weeks
clean windows - weekly
wipe doors,trim and baseboards - monthly
swiffer walls - monthly
sweep and mop -weekly
vacuum floor - weekly
vacuum furniture - monthly

There are some things that must be done seasonally like the drapes needing cleaning.

God Bless,