Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm a mom!

I walk for 9 months with a belly that is daily growing,with the miracle from God and the joy of our lives. Slowly the day comes and our miracle is here. Oh how happy we were,oh how scared I was. Nervous and scared I set out on my awesome adventure as a mom.

There have been many bumps in the road and many more to come as I learn daily from the Lord and my children.

I can sit back and remember now. Holding my little ones when we brought them home from the hospital. Not knowing how I could possibly love someone so much in such a short amount of time,but I knew I would give my life for this child. Looking down at the bundle of joy in my arms,resting so peaceful and safe. I remember how I sat with each of my children nursing them and singing to them Jesus Loves Me while they nursed. Talking with them as it was our time.

I remember thinking how on Earth can this much poop come from such a little person. Oh my! I remember getting up throughout the night just to make sure they were still breathing. Then going back to bed feeling a bit silly for over reacting.

I remember the stages that each of my children went through. From infant to toddler (OH MY). From rolling over,oh they worked so hard for those goals. To getting on their knees and getting brave enough to try crawling. And finally pulling themselves up and standing. Then it's no time before they were walking. (talk about a work out for mom).

That's when my adventure of being a mom took another turn. I'm a coach to, you know. From the onset I push them to reach for their next goal. I encourage them to keep going. From that wobbling toddler taking those first unsteady steps to a child running full speed through the yard.

Oh boy that reminds me of oh yes the childhood years. Now I still have my daughter here and she's only 6 so technically I'm still going through this stage but this memory is more of my boys ages 16 and 13.

Daredevils need I say more. Climbing trees,making forts,digging holes in our yard,playing swords with sticks,riding bikes and all the not so pleasant things that go with that. Stitches and finally a broken arm! Talk about scared. I think I was more scared than they were. There's nothing like seeing your baby hurting and nothing you can do to take that pain away. God and I have had alot of conversations for protection over them. LOL

Now I'm in the teenage years. I am in this with a view of scared,sad, and excited. I see my boys growing up and being good Christian young men. They love God and work hard. I pray even harder for their protection and for the Lord to help with them with their daily decisions. I also pray for the Lord to bring the woman into their lives (when it's time) that he would have them to spend their lives with.

I have gone from the all knowing mom ,to knowing nothing mom. It's a great life but oh so scary.

Being a mom is the most wonderful adventure of my life. I am so grateful the Lord chose me to be their mother. I love being a mom and I love the fact that I have been here for them,not off somewhere working or doing something for me. My work as mom is not over and will never be over. This is an adventure for life,each chapter is different.

From nursing and diapers,
To runny noses and potty training
To riding bikes and broken arms
To high school and girls
To well that's the beauty of this it's the never ending story.

God Bless,