Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Being a mother is the hardest job there is!

You carry a child for 9 months,go through the pain of delivering that child and fall completely in love with that little bundle the moment you lay your eyes on he/she. Time goes by and you are doing the best you can to be the best mother you can be. You teach he/she many things and finally that day comes and they start school. Your heart breaks to let them go but you do.

More years go by and you are now looking at a young man/woman where your little one once stood. Now things get tricky. You want them to do the best they can do in life and in school. When one fails to do that you try your hardest to redirect him/her to help them but nothing works. You lay in your bed at night and ask God for help.

I am presently going through a rough patch with my youngest son. He seems to just not care,what can I do when he just doesn't care any longer. He doesn't turn in his school work so he's failing,it's not because he can't do the work but because he's not turning his work in. It's so frustrating. We are going to talk to the teacher to get their side of what they think the problem is and go from there. The boy has been grounded over and over again and still it didn't help. I'm at my wits ends with solutions to help him.