Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday's Cleaning

I have redone my cleaning schedule. So you will see those changes in these posts.

Today we are going to focus on the bathroom(s).

The tools you will need are:
4 cleaning rags (I like to use microfiber cloths)
2 old tooth brushes (1 labled toilet)
rubber gloves
scrubbing bubbles
comet,soft scrub,or baking soda
Windex or equivalent
paper towels (or you can use microfiber cloths for glass to)
bleach/water solution in a spray bottle
toilet bowl cleaner
2 bags for trash
wood cleaner (when cleaning cabinets and trim)
broom and dust pan

Now onto the cleaning:

First take scrubbing bubbles and spray the tub,sink and toilet down with it. Then take the comet and sprinkle a good coating in the tub. And coat the inside of the toilet bowl with toilet cleaner. Take out rugs and go and shake them out or take to the laundry room to be washed. Wash them then if you have a load to wash them with or get another clean one out (if you don't have more that one don't worry you can go without until the other is cleaned)

Now make sure and go through all the bottles and throw out any empty bottles. Use one of your trash bags for this.

Take all other things that are laying out around the tub,sink or toilet off and set into the hall way. Wet one microfiber cloths and start at the tub. Get on your hands and knees and if need be step into the tub to work but make sure you have shoes on if your doing that. Really scrub it good. If you cleaning the shower wall then do it now. Spray with scrubbing bubbles and scrub it really well and rinse. Once it's cleaned to your satisfaction (no soap scum),then rinse it really really well. Make sure there is no signs of cleaning solutions in the tub.

Get your bleach/water solution and give the grout a good spray with it and walk away.

Take your cleaning rag and start on your sink. Wipe it down really well and don't forget the faucets and back splash. Use one of the toothbrushes to scrub around the faucets and get out any accumulated dirt and grime,when satisfied give it a good rinsing. Get a paper towel and the Windex and clean the mirror(s),wipe the door knobs and switch plates quickly.

Now go back to the grout with a paper towel and that tooth brush that has been rinsed well. And wipe with a paper towel,if there's some stubborn mildew in there then spray again with a bit of the bleach/water solution and use the tooth brush to scrub it. That should do it. Rinse it with a wet paper towel when finished.

Now onto the toilet. Start on the outside. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and start on the tank,using a microfiber cloth and begin cleaning it,don't forget the handle. OK once that's done then lets get to work on that bowl. Outside first work all the way down to the floor and get that bowl sparkling clean.

Once you have the outside of the bowl clean it's time to get the inside and rim done. I know it's not a pleasant thought but it must be done so lets get to it. Take a cloth and wipe down the rim,under the seat and behind the seat. Scrub that toilet bowl with a toilet brush or better yet and rag and your hands (yes your hands in the bowl), you have gloves on so it's OK. Don't forget under the rim. OK is that it, are you finished, are you happy with your job,is your toilet clean and shiny and smelling clean. Oh, but did you forget the little screws that hold the seat to the bowl. There's all kind of nasty smelly stuff that get seep into there. Once the toilet has been rinsed of all other cleaners,get the bleach/water solution and spray each one down.

While that is sitting and doing it's work. Empty out that trash can,and wipe it out (don't forget the outside of the can),now put that other bag into the can. I sometimes spray mine down with Clorox anywhere before rebaging it.

Now back to the toilet. Take your other toothbrush and scrub those two areas and get all that gunk out and get it smelling good. If you have boys you know what I'm talking about. I know this is nasty but relax you will be cleaning your bathroom(s) very well every Monday so it will not get like this again. Once all the gunk is cleaned out wipe it clean.

OK just a bit more to go and you'll be done with today's deep cleaning.

If you are doing the wood work this week then it's time to get out the wood cleaner and the last rag and get to wiping it down,don't forget to clean the trim and baseboards,doors as well.

If your organizing the cabinets lets get that done now. Keep only what you and your family uses,all the other stuff is taking up space so get rid of it. Reorganize what is left and get it looking nice. I'm not going to tell you how to do this as each family and or person has different ways of organizing. So you do what is best for you and your family here. Once your done get rid of all the stuff that needs to thrown away. Set all the stuff that you set in the hall back,wiping off each as you do.

Set all the cleaning supplies out into the hallway and make sure the floor is clear of anything that can be moved. Set the stuff in the hall. Sweep the floor very well. Then mop it. Put the bathroom(s) back together.Flush the toilet,turn off the light and walk away.

Other cleaning:

Make sure all clutter is cleared through out your day.
Wipe the counters and sink in kitchen after each meal.
Make sure the table stays clean and clear of clutter.
Do the dishes after each meal.
If the porches need a quick sweeping do that (this helps keep your floors inside cleaner)
Don't forget to take breaks and drink plenty of water.

Revised Cleaning Schedule for Monday:

Below is my revised cleaning for Monday,in bold is the schedule of when each should be done.

Shake or wash rugs-weekly
Scrub tub,faucets (shower walls are done every other week)-weekly
Scrub sink,faucets and back splash - weekly
Clean mirror(s) - weekly
Wipe down and organize cabinets-1 time a month
scrub toilet inside and out,top to bottom - weekly
wipe doors and knobs,switch plates and switches - every 2 weeks
empty trash,clean trash can and rebag - weekly
sweep and mop - weekly
Make beds - daily
do a laundry if you have a large family do at least 4 loads,wash,dry and put away. - Monday - Friday
sweep floors in high traffic areas and kitchen - Daily
Wipe down counters and sink in kitchen after each meal - Daily
Do dishes after each meal and make sure table stays clean and clutter free - Daily
Sweep the porches front and back to keep dirt from being carried indoors -Daily
Do clutter runs through out your day - Daily

God Bless,