Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Memory Books

I don't have to convince any of you of how quickly our children grow up. I have started what I call memory books for my three children. It's rather simple. I just bought a nice photo album,if you want you can do a scrap book. You can go as simple or fancy as you like. I then went through all their pictures and grouped them together in age group. I placed a letter from me on the very first page of the album. This letter is me talking about to them about how fast they have grown and how much I love them. All letters are in my hand writing,not typed and printed off.

I then started with 0 me pregnant to age 1 and then 1 - 3 and so on and so on. I would put a small note from me in my hand writing at the bottom of each page. Describing my feels as I put this page together. I have not finished them yet as they are still growing. This can be more than one album as I have used 3 for my oldest already. My plan is to continue until he graduates high school. Where I will then put my final letter in the last book on the last page a letter of love and pride. And me letting go of my baby boy and moving on to embracing and man. I'm sure this will be a sad tear stained letter as I move from one stage of motherhood to another. I will tuck these books away and have them to look through for memory walks. And when the time for me to say good-bye comes that I go to meet our Lord Jesus they will all get the books and they will know how much I love them and will have my letter to them in my hand writing to hold on too.

Sometimes it's not the big things we do for our children that makes the most impact but the small things. The little things that we may view as nothing that stick with them forever. When they think back on momma they remember those little things we do/did for them.

God Bless,