Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday's Cleaning

We will be focusing on the bedrooms today.

The tools you will need are....

2 cleaning rags
paper towels
bag for trash
wood cleaner
dust mop,swiffer,or vacuum with attachment

The very first thing you want to do is get that bed stripped and into the washer. I usually go from room to room getting the bedding and heading to the laundry area at one time. Then start my first load.

I always start in the master bedroom. The kids usually clean their rooms without my help now (all but Little C,but she does most of the work now)

Make sure all clutter is out of the way,clothes are put away or in the laundry area waiting to be washed. Shoes should be put in the closet,the same goes with purses and other odds and ends. Don't forget about under the bed,keep it clean under there.

Get the dust mop or what ever you are using to dust your walls. Today I just used my vacuum. Start at one corner and just like in the living room start at the top and work your way to the bottom. Keep going until the room is done.

Now grab your window cleaner and a paper towel and lets get those windows cleaned. Don't forget to quickly wipe the sills as well. I wash my curtains monthly. While your at it quickly wipe the switch plates and door knobs

Onto the dusting. Grab a rag,I only use a damp microfiber cloth for dusting but if you use something else add that to your list of supplies before starting. Start dusting away the dirt and dust. Make it look nice. While your at your vanity and/or dresser don't forget to clean the mirror(s). Work your way around dusting all the furniture in the room. Get that ceiling fan if you have one in there quickly. Work quickly but efficiently.

Go and transfer your bedding to keep the cleaning going along smoothly.

Get another cleaning rag and the wood cleaner and clean the trim and baseboards. All the way around the room. If something is to heavy to move go around it. I have heavy cedar in our bedroom and there's no way I am going to get that stuff moved alone. LOL Give the doors a nice wiping down as well.

Remake the bed with clean bedding and get the vacuum and start vacuuming the floor. Do a really good job,make sure you get around the baseboards and corners and under the bed.

Before leaving the room,bag the trash and re bag it with the bag your brought in the room with you. Grab all your cleaning supplies,turn off the light and shut the door. Your bedroom(s) look great!

Other cleaning....

keep up on the dished don't let them pile up (it's much easier to tackle small messes rather than let them go and become large ones)
sweep high traffic areas and porches
mop high traffic areas quickly
swish the toilet quickly to keep it smelling good.
pick up clutter through out your day
drink plenty of water

Revised Cleaning For Thursday

do laundry- Daily
Sweep high traffic areas - Daily
mop high traffic areas - every other day
Sweep porches to keep dirt from being carried indoors - Daily
Swish the toilet -Daily when needed
clutter runs -Daily
Wash dishes and keep sink clean and counter clutter free - Daily
Strip and wash all bedding - weekly
make sure all clothing and other odds and ends are put away and under the bed is clean,don't for to declutter to night stands - weekly
dust - weekly
clean windows - monthly
clean ceiling fan - monthly
wipe switch plates - every 2 weeks
clean trim,baseboards, and doors - monthly
sweep the dust from the walks - monthly
redress the beds with clean bedding - weekly
vacuum the floor very well - weekly
bag the trash and re bag - weekly

God Bless,