Sunday, November 18, 2007

Get the most out of that chicken!!

A little work now saves me time later! As you read in my last post I'm using that chicken for 3 nights. Here's my plan for less mess later and less time to boot.

Tonight when the dinner is complete and before whom ever it is that is to clean the kitchen tonight comes dragging in to start. I will get that chicken and a clean large bowl and debone getting as much as I can in the bowl. I need at least 4 to 5 cups. Once I have the chicken meat removed I will get my stock pot out and pop the bones and skin in there fill it with water. Add an onion chopped into fours,3 celery stalks cut into halves,3 carrtos cut into halves,2 tsp garlic powder,a little salt and pepper and 3 bay leaves and let it cook for a couple of hours. If I do this part that night I will let it cook only 2 hours but if I put it in the fridge to finish it up the next morning I will let it cook longer.

Once it's finished, I remove all the stuff in there by straining it into a large mixing bowl. I let that cool for a bit on the counter while I clean up my mess. I set it aside and allow the kitchen to be cleaned. Before I go to bed I will put the bowl in the refridgerator so I can defat it in the morning. I will seperate this into 2 cup portions and freeze it for later use.

I do this all the time with chickens or turkeys, it makes for a yummy broth for gravy or soup base or many other recipes that call for a stalk or broth.