Monday, January 28, 2008

Five Week Dinner Menu (for the cold weather months)

This is something I made up to save me some time. I will go by this menu if I don't find a really awesome sale on something if so I will replace a meal or meals with that item or items.

Week 1 : Sunday: Chili,cornbread
Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Salisbury steak,mash potatoes,gravy,corn
Wednesday: Beans & Franks,mac & cheese,green beans
Thursday: French toast,bacon,sliced oranges
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Chicken nuggets,noodles,salad

Week 2 : Sunday: Spaghetti,garlic bread,salad
Monday: Steak hoggies,french fries,salad
Tuesday: Sliced turkey breast,gravy,mash potatoes,corn,sliced peaches
Wednesday: Dinner out
Thursday: Roasted chicken,mash potatoes (regular or garlic),corn,pears
Chicken N noodles,green beans,rolls
Hotdogs,chips,bake beans

Week 3 : Sunday:
Quick Beef Stroganoff,rolls,green beans
Monday: Kielbasa,mac & cheese,salad
Tuesday: Meatloaf,mash potatoes,rolls gravy,green beans
Wednesday: Potpies (using what ever meat I have saved),salad
Thursday: Sausage and egg biscuits (with or without cheese),pineapple
Friday: Fish sticks,Mac & Cheese,apple sauce
Saturday: 3 cheese lasagna,garlic bread,salad

Week 4 : Sunday: Oven Fried chicken, mash potatoes,gravy,sliced peaches
Monday: Hamburger helper,rolls
Tuesday: Pancakes and eggs
Hotdogs,mac & cheese,corn on the cob
Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs,garlic bread
Friday: cube steak in gravy and onions,mash potatoes,green beans
Saturday: Soup beans,biscuits or corn bead

Week 5 : Sunday: Beef Roast,mash potatoes,gravy,rolls,green beans
Monday: Cheesy cream of potato soup w/ bacon,rolls,salad
Tuesday: Meatball hoggies,chips
Wednesday: Sausage gravy over biscuits,scrambled eggs
Thursday: Pizza,salad
Friday: Honey glazed chicken breast,garlic mash potatoes,corn
Saturday: Dinner out or try a new recipe

This is it,but it's not set in stone. For example for week 5 on Sunday we are having a roast,well on Monday of that week if we have enough leftver or if I set some aside for the next day we will have roast w/ gravy over biscuits. If I can make more than one meal from something I will do to save us money. The fruits and veggies will be what is on sale not necessarily what is listed.


Robin said...

We like almost everything you have on your menus (not fish eaters, although I may try it again to see if anything has changed)