Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday at my house!

Good morning everyone. I woke up to a bit of a chilly morning,we are holding off on turning on the heat for as long as we can to save on the heating bill. We had a nice weekend,the boys were gone for part of the weekend but we had our little one with us. She had a football game to cheer at on Saturday afternoon. She is so absolutely adorable and loves cheering so much that she does it all the time,in the bathroom,as she's going to bed,while she gets ready for school in the mornings,when she's playing outside, I do believe I have a little cheer monster on my hands. LOL At least she loves what she's doing!

I am going grocery shopping this morning,John can't go,he worked midnights last night and just got home around 7 am so he's in bed fast asleep now. I think the house being empty for a couple of hours will be good for him. My goal for today is 79.00,I am taking cash with me so I can't go over that amount. It will be great to be under that amount!!! Ok Crystal I am starting out here and sorry to say no coupons that I can use this week but I did keep them for future sales! I did notice Kroger is having a sale on Tyson Whole Roasters for .49 a lb,if I have enough in our budget I may run over and pick up one or two and put them in the freezer for future meals. I'm also picking up a few of the things I need to make turkey stalk to put in the freezer or can I'm not sure which yet.

When I get home,I have laundry to do,floors that need swept and mopped,things need dusted and windows need cleaned and the bathroom needs a good cleaning today. I always do a room or set of rooms a day Monday - Friday and Monday's are bathroom(s) day. It helps me stay on top of the house and keep it looking nice for John and myself of course. There's nothing like a fresh cleaning home IMHO. Not that it's always that way,after all I do have 2 teenagers and one little sweetie,2 dogs and a cat to clean up after. I am blessed with children that help. God is good!

Ok enough rambling I'm off to get ready to leave! Wish me luck!!!

God Bless,