Monday, November 19, 2007

My Views On Saving Money!!

I do alot of reading on the net and in books about saving money and living on less or below your means. I do agree with them and I admire those that live a wonderful life on next to nothing.

One thing that I see in most articles,books,websites on this whole subject of frugal living is clothes buying. I see more times than not that they recommend you shop at thrift stores. I agree with that as well for more reasons that just getting a good deal,for recycling as well. But one thing I wanted to say and how I shop for NEW clothes at name brand stores like Kohls,JCPenny,Sears,American Eagle,ect. and still save tons on our clothing bill. I first and foremost shop sales always. I go through the fliers and see what's on sale and if it's within my guidelines it's great I'll go and see what deals I can find.

I have gotten South Pole jeans for my youngest son and paid far less than retail at Penny's. I do this with everything I buy. I got a pair of KSwiss shoes for my son and only paid 15.99 on clearance at Kohls. I'm not opting out of thrift shopping, I'm just saying there are also deals to be found at departments stores you just have to keep your eyes open.

Shop the sales, keep your eyes out for sales that say a percentage off anything including clearance (I love those sales),shop the clearance racks,only buy what you need,shop the end of season sales you can get really good deals on things then, and above all else no matter how you shop for your clothing use your common sense.