Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Brrrrr It's Cold!!!

Good morning all!!! Wow winter sure did make his presense felt on my side of the world! John came in from work and said the roads were bad,lots of wrecks but no school delays. LOL Figures! I hate driving in this stuff,one would think I would be use to it after all I do live in the North East but I still hate it. It's beautiful to look at but awful to drive in.

I'm feeling a bit stressed now about Christmas. I was doing just fine but found out recently that one side of my hubby's family drew names and didn't tell us until this weekend,THEY DREW LAST YEAR! I'm sure you know how it is you have to buy for a bunch of people,well 5 to be exact that you don't know and dont really like much. Oh what fun this is going to be! The bitter side of me says why can't they just stop doing that funds are tight nowadays anyway and it's not like we are not paying out enough with everyone else on our list now add 5 more.SHEESH! No time to budget them in b/c we only have 3 pay days left and alot more to give. Well I guess the .99 store will get our money for these 5. I know I sound bitter and I'm. Can you tell I'm stressed about this!!!! LOL

On an up note,we got the tree up on Sunday but nothing else. I'm not sure what all we are going to put up this year but at least the tree it up at least until the 26th. LOL

Well I am out of time now and have to get Little C off to school.

Until Next Time!

God Bless,