Monday, December 17, 2007

This and That!

Good cold and snowy morning everyone!!! We had a bit of that nasty storm hit us yesterday,but we didn't get it nearly as bad as some.

Last week was a mess,we had some flooding in the area,I had to get the kids out of school early because of it. The next day we had a delay due to the flooding. Then it was like poof it was gone. Crazy how nature can be at times.

John and the kids took me to Apple Bees for my birthday. It was really nice but extremely busy. There are times when the boys are so sweet and thoughtful,it makes me proud to be their mom.

Friday I headed out early to get as much of our Christmas shopping done as I could. I got some really great deals at Kohls. Then I met up with my mom and we did some more shopping and had lunch together.

I was happy to have gotten the time to get out to shop on Friday because we had a dinner party Saturday in Parkersburg,WV and some gifts we give to children,we had to give them then. It was a very nice party as it always is when you can spend time with family and friends. We headed out early though not being sure what the weather was going to be like our way.

The next day Sunday,we did our usual grocery shopping and more Christmas shopping. I do believe that I am almost finished now. I have maybe 2 more gifts to purchace then I'm done. At this point in this years festivities I am looking forward to a nice quiet Christmas Eve with my hubby.

Well I am out of time here. I'm off to take Little C to school!!!

God Bless,