Monday, January 21, 2008


Good morning all!! The kids are out of school today in rememberance of Dr. King. So they are all three still snuggled in their warm beds. Princess is curled up at the foot of J's bed. There's a little nip in the house but over all not to bad. If all goes well with this house and we get it we are going from room to room making a list of things that must be done asap and do them. The big stuff will be done by someone else.

I convinced John to go to the doctor yesterday. He has been fighting a terriable cold for over a week now and it was not getting any better. I started thinking it was more than just the average cold. When we went we found out he has Bronchitis and had to have a steroid shot (he really hated that) and an antibiotic. It's a good thing I nagged him into going! LOL

Well I hate to keep this short but sweet but my back is starting up and I need to be heading off of here.

God Bless,