Friday, February 22, 2008

Product Review/The H2O Mop

I purchased this mop along with a hand steamer that was free with purchase of the steam mop. After having it and using both items I have to say that I enjoy them both.

The mop is handy and I have hard wood floors and it cleans them beautifully. I don't use any chemicals when mopping my floors. I simply fill the water storage container,add my cover and let the steam to do the cleaning. It's light weight and easy to handle. The only down fall is that the covers are a bit expensive but you get 2 included when you purchase the mop.

The hand steamer is great for disinfecting as I'm cleaning without the use of chemicals just plain simple water.

The price of the set was 133.90 that includes taxes and shipping. If you are looking into getting something like this here's the website take a look at it and see if it's something you could use.

H2O Mop


Tammy said...

I wanted to add that I can use my wood floor mop covers on this as well. I have an O Ceder wood floor mop that I purchased at Walmart and the covers there's as well. They fit just fine on my steam mop.