Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunny Monday

Oh it's so beautiful out. The sun is out so brights,the birds are chirping, oh how I love mornings like these. And oh how I miss them. I have the windows opened and listening to the birds singing as I type.

The warmth of the sun is getting me thinking of Spring and what comes with Spring. Well of course Spring cleaning! I'm getting together my lists of what I need to do in each room,whether it's paint,wash walls,polish floors,dry clean drapes,whatever that needs to be done will go on my list and divided by room. I then go outside and do that same thing all around our property. This years going to be a tough one though because we are adding on a deck and putting in a screened in porch on the back of the house as well as a patio back there. So things are going to be all cluttered up for a bit but I know the outcome will be wonderful.

But I do know that I really need to get to working on some basic land scaping here. I just hate the look of our property as you drive up our driveway. So some flower and such will help alot there. We are also going to be making a few raised garden beds for our vegetable garden this year. We just don't want to chance having it in the feild again with all the trouble we have had for the past few years with wild life. I would much rather enjoy some of those yummy veggies!

Here's a couple of pictures I took while I was out walking the property this morning.

God Bless,