Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sunny Tuesday and Last night!

Good morning everyone! Oh my what a lovely morning it is. The sun is out so bright and it's not cold out!!! Could Spring be at our door step? I hope so!

I spent most of last night at the emergency room with B. He and J were out in the front yard after dinner playing touch football. Well B decided that he would dive to get away from J since J is alot bigger and faster than he is. All of a sudden J comes running into the house saying B hurt his arm. I walked into the living room and B was coming into the house holding his arm,saying I can't move my arm. I'm like WHAT! He says it again I can't move my arm. I think I hurt my shoulder bad. I had to cut his hoodie off of him to take a look at it. And I thought it is one of two things either the he popped his shoulder out of place or he broke his collar bone. I took him to the er and they xrayed him and he broke his collar bone. He's in a sling for 6 weeks and I have to make an appointment with a bone doctor this morning for him. OY! I kept him home from school today just to give a day to do nothing but rest without any chance of someone bumping him or worse hitting his arm on purpose (kids are mean sometimes). He will go back to school tomorrow.

With all this wonderful weather I really want to hang out some laundry but can't yet. During the winter months Princess is not able to go to her play area in the yard because she gets to cold. So we tie her up and she quickly does her business and back in. And the results is a mess in the yard around where my lines are. The boys clean up her poo but it's still a mess out there. So I am waiting anxiously.

I'm going to start teaching Little C about laundry today. She is going to wash,dry,fold and put away her clothes. She's so phsyced about it. LOL She keeps asking me when are we going to mommy. So I had best get off here and get her a going on it.

God Bless,