Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Rambling

Good morning everyone. We must have had a storm last night because when I got up this morning our clock in our bedroom was blinking. I asked John since he was working midnights this week he would know and he said yes it did. A pretty bad one from what he said, and I slept right through it. Something I rarely do. After I read and studied the bible and prayed, I turned on our scanner to listen to until I was about to fall asleep. A call came through that a young boy was found hung. The mother and brother were so upset that they had to have another officer stay with them. The boy went to their attic and hung himself. I don't know his name or if he's alive but I pray he is.

I have a busy day ahead of me. I have done the budgeting already,breakfast is done and out of the way,We are dressed,teeth are brush and hair is done. Little C and I are going out this morning for some mom and daughter time and so she can spend her birthday money. While we are out I am going to stop at a fire works tent to get some things for the kids this weekend. We always go to the same tent each year,it's ran by a church that is the same faith as we are,so in a round about way,even though it's not our church,we are supporting our faith.

While we are out I'm also going to pick up the last few things I need to brew some Komacha. I purchased the scoby's from at
I purchased the organic scoby's with the starter tea and I'm missing a couple things for brew.

When we get back I have to get to washing some laundry. And Little C has gymnastic this evening as well.

I better get going or I'll never get done.

God Bless,