Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Monday to You

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning to foggy/humid morning,signs of what the day will be,we shall see. So far my day has been crazy,I'm hoping it's not what the whole day is going to be like.

I think that the busiest day of the week for me at home is Monday. I go from the weekend of everyone moving about,in and out of the house,things tend to get a bit messy. I don't do a whole lot of cleaning on Saturday and Sunday's, I like to take those two days and spend them with my family. I do make sure the basics are done,the kitchen cleaned,things picked up and put away,things like that. I don't do any laundry if at all possible,but there are those times when I have to. I could very easily go back to my old cleaning schedule and clean through the weekend but I believe my time with my family is far more important than a spotless floor. My oldest son has but 3 more years until he's off to college and there are times when I rarely see my dear husband because of the hours he has to work. So the weekend is our time to enjoy family time.

We had a very nice weekend. Friday I had 4 teenage boys here for B's party. They went out in the Field near the woods and set up a camp. They all camped out there that night. They had a good time,they had some hesitation about staying out there all night but in the end decided to go for it,with some nudging from me. LOL

The following day we had B's party. Nothing big just cooked out hot dogs and I made his cake and we had chips and ice cream. He enjoyed himself and that's what matter most.

It's still hard to believe he's 13! We are taking him to pick out a bike this week,he's looking forward to that,the one he has been riding is broken now.
Later that evening we went to church. We had a wonderful meeting,the holy spirit was so awesome. I'm so glad to have the church open now.
Little C is getting better. The rash is not as bad now,only in certain spots and when she gets to hot. Seems that every time she takes a bath,she gets out with Rosy cheeks. I didn't take her to gymnastics Friday due to the rash still being pretty bad,but she should be able to make it up this week.
I'm going to for now,J should be calling for me to go and pick him up and I need to get the laundry going.
God Bless,