Monday, September 22, 2008


Good morning everyone! The boys just left to catch the bus and that leaves me with a few minutes to blog before getting my daughter up for school.

I have a busy day planned for today. I'll be taking a friend to the dentist,she's getting a tooth pulled and needs a ride home afterward. Then I am coming home to deep clean the bathroom and do some sorting of Little C's stuff before she gets home. We got one of her windows put in yesterday. The other will Lord willing be put in today. Then we can get her room painted and the new carpet installed. I seen the cutest little bed set at Walmart the other day when I was there. It was a light purple and had some other colors in it as well, and had butterflies on it. She loves butterflies and I know she would love to have this.

Church is going well,we seem to have new people each week which is always a blessing. It would be wonderful to see the whole church full. In God's time I know. We are patient and will continue to do his work and help others find their way to him.

Well looks like I'm now out of time for blogging. LOL

God Bless,