Monday, September 1, 2008

Our weekend and some pictures

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we got to sleep in a bit and then had a nice relaxing morning,something we were very much needing. We got ready and then headed for Parkersburg for our get together with everyone for John's parents anniversary.

We had dinner at a Mexican resturaunt and then headed to John's aunt and uncles house for cake and such. It was so nice and relaxing,I think we all needed to just let the stress of life lay aside for a while and just enjoy being together.

They were so surprised,they had no idea we all had set up a little celebration for them. John's mom was well the best way to discribe her was shocked. Tears of happiness and lots of laughter was on the menu for this evening. Here are some pictures we took I hope you enjoy them....

Above is the arrangement John's aunt set up for them and the cake they had. She did a beautiful job!
They were so suprised when they saw it.
Getting their gift,a memory book of their 25 years together.
They are enjoying the book and everyone else had to take a peak! LOL ; )Time to cut the cake!

It was such a lovely evening!

God Bless,