Friday, September 12, 2008


Good afternoon everyone. It's been a few days since I have blogged so I thought I would post an update on what's going on in my world. It's rainy here today and is going to be that way all day and night so it seems. Not good when you have to sit outdoors for a football game. Weather,the one thing I hate about going to these sort of things. But I love watching my children play so what's a girl to do. LOL

I was at the hospital most of the morning with a dear friend while she has surgery. All is well with her (thank God) and I was able to take her home not long after the procedure was done

We have all been down with a cold or something for the past few days. It seems to have hit everyone in the family but John. But that's probably because he has not been here very much this week due to his work.

This weekend we will be picking up some more building supplies (yes we are still working on the house), we need to get 2 new windows for Little C's room and one for the kitchen (we have to special order that one),then get some more dry wall. Soon I'm praying that we will be finishing up on the kitchen. Yes I know it's seemed like forever but when your working about life and John's work schedule it does take a bit more time than normal to complete a task. But all the same we will get there.

Saturday night is church. All is going well there,I'm so happy to be back in my home church. It's such a feeling of comfort just being there.

I hope this has found you well where ever you may be.

God Bless,