Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being Content Being At Home

Now don't get me wrong I love staying home and taking care of my family,but there are those times,and I'm sure that I'm not the only one,where I feel like I want more. When those times role around it's important to know how important that my role is in our home. How important I am not only to my children but also to my husband. He relies on me to work side by side with him in raising our children to be productive adults who love the Lord. My life isn't less than a woman that works outside the home,I may not bring in a steady paycheck but what I do, one can't put a price on.

If I look at my work as a homekeeper as mundane or drudge work,I won't be able to see what I have chosen for my life as a blessing. I know there isn't anything glamorous in a pile of dirty laundry or changing a stinky diaper,but if I stand back and look at the bigger picture here for a minute. I know I am making a personal investment in the future. I'm taking the time to make sure that my children grow up with our values not someone else's. I'm showing my children that they are worth my time. My husband knows he is important to me by how I care for him and I am here for him. Just by standing back and seeing the whole picture not just the moment I am in I know my work is a true blessing and in that I find comfort.

God Bless,