Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My simple views on eating

1.we know we need water to survive and we also know that our bodies are made up of primarily water (over 80%) so no brainier drink water.

2. whole grains help with digestion (meaning helps move the waste out) so convert eat whole grain or whole wheat pasta instead of white,the same with bread.

3. our bodies need fruit and vegetables because we need the vitamins and minerals that they contain. So do your body good and eat up.

4. animal proteins yep we need those too. It's even in the bible to eat meat. Read Exodus the pass over meal was unleavened bread and lamb.

5. dairy,yes we need it,but here's where I don't agree with most diets. We drink whole milk,why,because it's as close to raw milk as we can get where we live. Why raw milk,it has antibodies in it that our digestive system needs. Whole milk is the least process milk when compared to 2% or less.

Simplistic yet true. Once I started thinking like this, I didn't stress with diet any longer.

God Bless,


~~Deby said...

First time here, getting to know you..this list is excellant and sure does keep things SIMPLE...