Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

I just hate rainy dreary days. Especially when they seem to go on and on. I'm a sunshine type of gal. LOL

I am now playing the waiting game yet again with my doctor,waiting for his nurse to call me with my appointment with the next doctor so I can find out what my options are. I'm praying that surgery is not my only option. If so I'm praying the can do it without putting me to sleep,I get terribly sick as I'm very very very sensitive to the meds they give you to sedate you,even when they give me something to help with it,it doesn't. So if it comes to surgery for me I'm going to see if I can request a spinal block to avoid getting so sick afterward. I know that Jesus will see me through what ever comes my way.

On the agenda for today. I have laundry to do from the weekend and some other things around here like sweeping and mopping and dusting. It takes me longer to get things done as I have to stop frequently due to the pain or tingling in my foot or leg. My home is not as clean as it should be at this point either. The walls have not been dusted,the baseboards not clean. Windows not clean,but it's ok I do what I can do and it looks ok. Once I'm better I will do a big time deep cleaning and tossing out of unused or unwanted things. One step at a time,step one get better.

Dinner tonight will be pinto beans,dinner rolls and tossed salad.

God Bless,