Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not Off To a Good Start

for the weekend. We have to take my suv to the dealership because we are having a fuel pump issue and we think the transmission might be slipping. The fuel pump keeps going out and the car will stall or not start at all. We started driving my husband's work car so we wouldn't have to take the suv out.

Last night when on my way the kids to church. I was about to turn onto the entrance ramp. This is an entrance and exit ramp together. Well a car was wanting on the interstate and me and another car that was in front me was going onto the ramp. For some reason the car in front of me stopped on the interstate to let the people get off the ramp. I had to hurry up and push my brakes to keep from hitting him. The suv behind me got in the other lane to avoid hitting me. God had his hands on us. So after our scare I drove to church. After church I got in the car and started leaving and my brakes felt funny but this is not my car is my husbands work car and since I don't normally drive I thought that maybe this is just how the brakes were in that car.

John get in it this morning to go to work and no brakes! He called me when he got to work and told me. Of course it's got to be the brake line,no biggie but a big pain to fix.

Now taking the car to follow John to drop off the suv is out of the question. We are now going to rent a car instead of having it towed. It would cost us around 150.00 to have it towed to the dealership but 45.00 to rent a car. Huge savings!

I do believe we are joining AAA for sure now.

God Bless,