Saturday, April 4, 2009

Frugal Challenge:Day 4,Saturday

all appliances are unplugged that are not in use and all lights are off. The window shades are open in rooms that I can open them in right now to allow the sunshine to come in and lighten and warm up the house.

Today will be a bit more challenging for me,all of our family is here.

No rain in today and wind is blowing nicely and the sun is out,it's still a bit chilly out but it will be a nice day to hang the laundry out to dry and with the wind blowing like this it shouldn't take long to dry.

We will be spending some money today,we have to go out and get a few things needed for our house,molding and such,the key is getting the best deal we can for the things we need to get. I also need to try to find something for myself for Easter. I have been to a few stores but everything seems to be either to short or to low cut or tank top type. I don't wear that kind of clothing so I'm finding a very hard time finding something nice.

Our shopping trip today was a great hit. I got a new Easter outfit and shoes to go with it. Now all we need to do is get B a pair of dress shoes and we are set.

Total spent today a little over 200.00. Not for my clothes but in total. LOL

I know the past two days I have spent some money. I assure you it was not me wasting money but things we truly needed.

I much prefer days when I can say no money was spent today. LOL


Mary Q Contrarie said...

Good luck on your frugal challenge. I did something similar to this a couple years ago. It was a great way to start new earth friendly habits. One thing that I learned is that I couldn't always count on the weather for drying my clothes so I purchased a clothes drying rack. Now I can use it either inside or out depending on the weather.