Monday, April 6, 2009

Frugal Challenge:Day 6,Monday

I went grocery shopping today and my total savings were. MFG Coupons - 25.59,Bonus cpns - 4.35,Kroger plus savings - 84,14 making my total savings for this weeks grocery trip was 114.08.

I now have enough dish soap to last us for about 1 year. I have enough auto dish detergent to last us 3 - 6 months, and drier sheets to last 1+ years because I cut them to make one sheet last two to three times longer.

Dinner tonight was roasted chicken and I will use what is left to make one or two more meals.

Laundry is still being done with cold water and using the quick cycle using less electricity,also I use the extra spin to make sure the clothes have as little water as possible in them so that the drier doesn't have to work as hard to do the same job all the while using less electricity to it's job.

The electrical appliances were unplugged when not being used.

All in all it was a good day!


eclifford84 said...

My father-in-law just bought me a Smartstrip power strip that automatically turns off when things aren't in use. We hooked it up to the tv stuff and it has been a life saver since the tv goes on and then off a few times a day and I didn't always remember to click the switch with our old one. We put the old power strip on the computer and printer which for me is a lot easier to remember to turn off along with the computer.

Tammy said...

That sounds like the neatest thing,where did he get it.