Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update at my house

I have a few quiet minutes here this morning and thought it was the perfect time to blog and update everyone on what's been going on at my house.

Here John is painting up the ceiling,we had a leaky roof a while back and had put on a new roof and had to replace a couple places in the ceiling with new drywall. He is putting the texture design on here.

John teaching B how to apply the texture onto the ceiling. B really loves construction type work.

After a quick lesson from dad,B was ready to give it a try,with dad watching over him. He did a really great job.

So now we have part of the living room finished,I will post pictures as we go.

Jason is doing ok. He's still in a lot of pain and he had to start doing some exercises yesterday and I think that's why he was so much more pain and he was before.

Well I'm now officially out of computer time for this morning.

God Bless,