Saturday, June 27, 2009

Took a short break

from blogging this week. It was not intentional but I was so busy I didn't have them to do it and when I did have some free time blogging was the last thing I on my mind. We have been setting up our fireworks tents for our church,it's our biggest fund raiser and this is the first year that we are having two,one for our church and one for our youth group to go to Youth Congress in Tennessee next month. We are praying it does well and we raise enough money to pay for all the youth to go so the parents won't be burdened with the bill. God will see us through.

Well I hope to be back in the land of blogging Monday. I will be scheduling some posts to be posted so I can ensure I am updating my blog so that when I get busy it's already done for me. Thanks to technology!!!

Until then stay happy,stay safe and