Friday, July 24, 2009

A week of ups and downs

Normally I like to get my blogging done in the morning and then get my day started. Or I have taken a couple of hours and got a few blog posts done and set them to be released over the next however many days it may be. But there are the times when life catches up to me or completely throws me off track. And I had one of those moments this past week.

Between my family's demands (that I must day I have fallen a bit behind on as well),we have had some person family problems,not with ours but with immediate family,that has hit us hard. Then with the injury and death of our baby cousin this week it was more than I could personally take. I couldn't concentrate enough to blog. I'm leaning on my saviour to get through everything that Satan has thrown on our family. So if I am off on my updates or blog posts please keep this in mind and know that I'm doing my best right now. Prayers would be wonderful and oh so helpful.


Woman's Essence said...

So sorry to hear about your family's loss. I can't even imagine the grief you are all going through. May you be comforted in knowing that you are in all of our prayers, I pray God gives you all the strenght you need to make it through this together. God Bless you, Linda and family