Thursday, October 4, 2007

Grain Prices On The Rise!!!

This was sent through a homesteading group I'm in and I thought the information was worth passing on.

Last week, I noticed the bread I occasionally buy when I run out of myyummy homemade, had gone up 50 cents a loaf, a whopping 25% increaseon bread since August! In my most recent newsletter, I wrote abouthow my wheat supplier had had to raise prices about 25% recently.Yesterday, another grain supplier wrote to us saying:"Wheat prices are very unstable and are climbing daily. We haveno choice but to raise our prices. This also affects the price of flour-which in a few weeks will affect the price of our baking mixes.It's is a merry-go-round. "If ever there was a good time to start baking your own bread, now isthe time. The cost of the grain is only a small portion of the costof bread and baked goods purchased in the store.Commercial bread and baked items include the cost of the plasticdisposable packaging, the bakeryĆ¢€™s overhead for producing the bread,the transportation costs to ship the bread from the bakery to thestore, the bakery manager's salary, and other costs of purchasingready-made breads.If you are able to save just $10.00 a week on commercial breadsand baked goods by making them yourself, you will have a $520.00 nestegg, more than enough to justify an investment in a grain mill.How are you handling these large price increases on bread andcereal products?

Here is what Lisa posted:<<< I just bought two more 50 lb. bags of Prairie Gold wheatberries for about $17.00 a bag - the price has not gone up on thoseyet, Praise God. That means I can make my bread for about 50 cents aloaf. There's just no getting around the savings and the superiorquality of homemade bread. :)

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