Monday, November 26, 2007

Rainy Monday

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday and if you went out shopping on Friday I hope you found great deals and stayed on budget. We did manage to go out after looking through the adds but only to one store and only to get a couple of things. We went to Lowes to get a couple of carpentry tool sets for my youngest son that were half off,other than that we stayed home.

My oldest son went to the movies Saturday and seen Fred Claus with some friends for his birtday. I stayed home cooking (remember it was out Thanksgiving meal with my family) so John took him. When they came back J was talking about not feeling good,he had been fighting a cold so I thought that was all it was. He took some cold meds and went to lay down. He kept feeling bad and couldn't eat b/c his throat hurt so bad. So I took him to a quick care center here and they drew some blood and found out he had/has strep. Needless to say the party that was suppose to be yesterday was rescheduled for this weekend coming. He's on some meds and is starting to feel better now.

We also painted what will be the boys room yesterday.We are moving the kids around and giving the boys the bigger room and moving Little C to the smaller room and making the smallest room storage/office. All is going well with that and we hope to be finished today.

Well it looks like I'm out of time so I'm going to cut this short today.

God Bless,