Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rainy Tuesday!

Good morning everyone. I stepped out to take my little one to school this morning and I was surprised, it's warm out. Rainy, but warm. The bad news is that the water company worked all day yesterday on a leak and had our water off,well it looks like they are back. I ran into the bathroom to run some water in the bathtub to flush the toilet with and filled a couple of pitchers with good water for drinking. I hope they have it back on before tonight. It was off yesterday until around 8pm. Then it took another 40 minutes to run the mud out of the lines so my kiddos could take a bath. UGH!

Cheryl, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog! I agree it's difficult dealing the teens and their moods! We had let our oldest (thinking he was mature enough to handle it with our supervision) have a myspace. Well now my husband and I are thinking that,that was a big mistake. We don't like what we are seeing in him since having it and yes I do read his messages,I don't care how rude that sounds to some,he's my son and it's my business to keep tabs on him. Last night we had a blow up,he wouldn't clean the kitchen,he was cleaning it in 10 minute increments but it was getting late and he had not taken a shower yet so I told him to get it done and stop taking breaks. He kept saying ok hold on a minute. I told him no now. He said Ok I will hold on. So I turned off the tv and said firmly I said NOW. He got up and walked into the kitchen and kicked a chest we have in our living room and our recliner pushing both of them across the room. So I grounded him from the computer. John had to work a double last night so he just got in around 6:30 this morning but I did call him last night about all this. When he gets up we will discuss this and go from there. I'm not trying to air my dirty laundry out there for all to see I'm just letting everyone see that it's not just you that's having problems it's everyone. Now he's not speaking to me.

Other than that I'm nervous about getting my teeth pulled tomorrow. Not the actual pulling itself but the dentist is putting me under since it's my first time ever having anything like this done and I'm scared of getting sick afterward.

We had a busy weekend. Saturday was our little one's cheerleading competition. They had a blast,they were not judged. They won't be until they move up to peewee right now she's a flag football cheerleader. She was so nervous she kind of froze but she got through it all. This was her first time performing like that in front of so many people. We have pictures coming. I couldn't believe it but I sat down and took out my camera and it went dead! I forgot to bring back up batteries,I was so disappointed. Afterward we took her out and our oldest J stayed at a friends house which was also little C's coach,so it was just John,myself and little C at Denny's.

Sunday we went grocery shopping. I'm really getting the hang of this coupon thing. I actually stacked coupons this week AWESOME!!!! It makes going grocery shopping alot more fun. LOL

Well I'm going to close for now and see if they have turned off the water yet. I hope not but more than likely they have.

God Bless,


kaki -- antkakiisback@aol.com said...

glad to know i am not the only one with a teen who acts like that! my daughter is 17 and to add to the teenager attitude, she is autistic and bipolar....most days she sleeps but when she is up she can be really hard to handle! love your site and hope to see more from you at the yahoo group CCP