Thursday, December 6, 2007


Good morning everyone. This is now day 2 of school being canceled dued to the weather. Yesterday was snow and today it's snow,ice and frigid temperatures. As of about an hour ago it was a balming 6*F. Toooooo cold for my taste that's for sure.

The stove in the living room is acting up and John worked a double last night so he's not going to be able to look at it until later. Just my luck! LOL There's a mountain of laundry to do as usual. All the animals have been fed and watered. Email checked,and breakfast done. The kitchen is being cleaning by B and I'll get the others started on their chores as soon as I finish up on here. I have a couple of gifts to wrap and get under the tree.

I may make some cookies or something to help keep the kitchen warm and toasty. Oh that sounds so good right now. I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner! Where has this year gone!!!

As for the name drawing people that we just found out about. I will get something for the children as for the adults. I'm sorry but if it's not in our budget I refuse to go in debt for something like this so they will get something small and inexpensive,BIG TIME! I have others to think about and had it been we found out about this early in the year we could have put them in the budget but since no one thought of being courteous enough to allow others to know the results of the drawing then this is what must be done. At least the children will have a nice Christmas and that's all the really matters anyway.

I have the hamburger thawing for tonights dinner of hamburger gravy,buttermilk biscuits,scrambled eggs, and pineapple.

How's your day coming along?

God Bless,