Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Countdown Has Begun!

I took the boys out yesterday to do their Christmas shopping for their dad,sister and one another (they split up for that one). Boy was it a mad house out! Whew now I know why I have always finished up much sooner and have officially made a mental note to not repeat this again next year or any other year.

Today we went to John's grandpa's and spent some time with family there and exchanged gifts. We then went to a late lunch. Where we seen a mother of a girl that J has been crushing on for some time now. She seems very nice and seems to really like J. It's fun to watch him blush when something like this happens. MY BOY IS GROWING UP!!!

Tonight I think John is taking the boys out to do my shopping but I finished THANK GOD I'm finished!!! The traffic is crazy out,people lose their senses when it's down to the final hours like this. THey drive like mad people! After I got home with the boys,there were so many wrecks called out over the police scanner,right were we were shopping. People pulling out in front of other people,cutting them off,stopping in front of people, and finally hitting them head on!! OY! But John is hoping the by going late tonight he will avoid this.

Tomorrow will be more of a down day,then Christmas Eve,we will make the cookies and cake and as much as I can to get a head start on Christmas Dinner. And of coure set out fresh baked cookies and a cold glass of milk for Santa Claus! 3D Santa

I am excited about Christmas watching my children as they anxiously await Christmas morning. I love it!

We have a tradition here in our home. Each year on Christmas Eve we sit around just before the kids go to bed and read about the birth of Jesus and the TRUE meaning for the Christmas. Then it's off to bed for the kids. John and I set out gifts to be found by the kids the next morning. We then sit down with all the lights out,some soft Christmas music playing low and we sit,talk,drink hot cocoa and watch the Christmas lights on the tree for a while before heading off to sleep before the big day the next day. It's kind of our calm before the storm. LOL

Well I'm out of time now so I'll close this for now. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!!!!

God Bless,