Friday, January 25, 2008

Frigid Friday~

Wow it's cold outside,we had another 2 hour delay this time due to the cold temperatures. They say it's suppose to warm up this weekend I hope they are right.

I have been working on the grocery list so I can pick John up today from work and we will go straight to Aldi's and do some shopping. Things are tight this week with the car payment coming out of this check. But we are still on budget so that's always nice.

I made up a 5 week dinner menu for the colder months that I'm going to go by,of course if I find a really good deal on something I'm not going to pass that up and use that for meals. I can always go back to the menu list. It's just nice to have it there just in case and I get so tired of making new menus up each week. LOL And I figure if I do use them I can keep that grocery list and the amount that menu is going to cost us each time. That's the plan anyway.

There's a load in the washer and one in the dryer and one has been folded and put away. The budget is balanced and I have a head start on my cleaning. So far today is a much better day than yesterday.

I have an appointment on Monday with a chiropractor. I'm nervous only because I'm afraid he will be able to do nothing or it will hurt more than it helps. It's just me being pessimistic. John has to go to the hospital tonight for some testing then it's back home to stay warm for the weekend. We are not planning on going out anywhere to save on gas.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

God Bless,