Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Good morning everyone! Well we had a 2 hour delay this morning and now I feel like I'm off track! I am now waiting to take little C to school so I thought I would come in here and update my blog and answer some emails. As I sit here typing I can hear Princess out front barking,what is she barking at,well nothing. I am beginning to believe that she just enjoys hearing herself bark. LOL

I have laundry started this morning but that's about it. Yesterday I washed the walls in the master bedroom. I'm getting things ready for our new bedroom suite,I can't wait. We are getting an antique slay bed with the dressers and things that go with it. I have always wanted one of these.

When I get back from taking her to school I need to call the cable office and ask them about their digital phone thing. Right now with cable and phone and internet we are paying about 150.00 a month. I'm going to find out if I can get this all cheaper with them and if so how much cheaper before I move my number to them. Then I need to get all the stuff together that I am donating to charity and get it out of the house. The rest of the house will be tended to when I get back from taking her school.

Little C has gymnastics tonight so dinner will be quick fix meal. Well looks like I'm out of time so I am going to have to close this for now!!!

God Bless,