Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's been a while....

since I've updated my blog. I have had such a busy week. I'm really hoping next week will be different but my schedule doesn't depict that. So what has been going on at my end of the world?

I am still going to the chiropractor 3 times a week. But starting tomorrow I will be going to rehab twice a week and to be adjusted once a week. If all goes well then I may be finishing up within the next 2 or 3 weeks. That will be great. The boys are still going 3 times a week. J didn't go on Friday morning because he had a big test first block and didn't want to miss. I respect that education is very important in our home and we push the children to do the best they can in all areas of their lives.

I had to take my suv to be serviced on Friday. Just the oil changed no biggie. But I also wanted them to check this throbbing feeling when I hit the brakes. It was like the rotors were bad or something. But I thought this can't be because we have not had the vehicle long enough for somehting like to go bad on it. Well they checked it and sure enough the front rotors were bad,then he told me it would be about $77.00 to turn them down. He wanted to know if I wanted them to do it. Of course I said yes, I hall my children in that vehicle. I sat there thinking about this $77.00 and the time we have had this vehicle and the more I was convince we should not pay a penny for having them turned down. So I waited and finally they came to get me to get my suv. I told the girl I don't think I have to pay this I have not had this vehicle long enough for this to be my fault. She took me to the manager and I again stated what I thought. Adding that had they serviced this vehicle properly before we got it then this would be an issue. He agreed with me and wrote no charge on the ticket,well except for the oil change. Now my suv is smooth when I push on the breaks. YEAH!!!

Friday night John and I went on a double date with J and his girl friend. We went to the movies to see The Eye. It was a good movie,suspensful just like I like them. After the movie we went to dinner. Have you ever read body language between two people? I was doing that with J and his girlfriend and I didn't think he really liked her. So the next day I took him aside and asked him and he said well I use to. I then told him that I knew why he was with her (she's a good girl) and that,that was a good thing but if he didn't really like her it made no sense and was no fair to her. He said I know. I then dropped it because I know he will do what is best.

Saturday was grocery shopping day. It was a mad house out. It's been that way since December just crazy out. I don't know what is going on. After grocery shopping,we went matress shopping and finally after all this time we bought a new matress set for our bed. YEAH! It was so nice sleeping on it this morning. My hips and lower back don't feel near as stiff as they usually. We have 30 days to try it out and if we dont' like it we can switch it out for another. In about 2 weeks we should know whether this bed is going to work for us or not.

Oh and C's old gymnatics coach called me the other day and said he has his gym open and wants her back. I loved this gym more so than the one she's going to now. They are better teaching,she learned so much more while she was there than she has at her present one. But I can't go anywhere right now because I'm paid up until the end of this month. After that I will more than likely switch her.

Well that about it for now. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

God Bless,