Thursday, March 6, 2008

Signs Of Spring!

As I sit here on this chilly March morning, I can hear the birds outside my window. Chirping and singing,oh what a beautiful sound that is. It's a sure sign of Spring is right around the corner. And I'm really looking forward to putting this winter behind me.

Little C is in the spot light today in class,so I had to get together some pictures of her from birth to now and one of all of us. She's been wanting this for some time now and is all excited about it.

J gets to go to WVU today and visit the campus and as a bonus he get to meet the players. He's so psyched about. He took my beloved camera, I'm very nervous about it,but he assures me he's going to take good care of it. I hope so!!! So when he comes home I should have some really good pictures to share with you all of his trip. I'm hoping to have a few with him and the players together. He is running track this year as well. He has ran since 6th grade but last year had some major problems with the coach and I gave him permission to quit if he wanted to. Now this year it's for the high school,the same high school John ran for. I think that's pretty neat!!!

B is gearing up for report card. We were having some poblems with him slacking off with his grades. A big no no in our house. So he had to be punished for it because it was not for lack of trying it was because he was goofing off and not turning in his work that he made the poor grades. Well he buckled down again and is working hard and can't wait to show us his grades.
He is anxious to get off punishment because he has plans along with a buddy of his to build a go cart. He amazes me sometimes with how smart he is and how creative he is,I have no doubts he will work hard at this do great!

Well that's all I have time for now, I have to get my little one off to school.

God Bless,