Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Good morning everyone. We had a lot of rain yesterday and a flood watch to go with it. I was laying in bed last night and I could hear the rain pounding against our tin roof. Normally you can't hear that from inside the house so it must have been hitting rather hard. Have you ever woke up from a really hard deep sleep? I did this morning,it's like I go and go and go and I think I'm doing pretty well,tired but good,then I go to bed one night and wake up groggy like I slept hard or something,then I feel refreshed. It's weird.

I need to get some stuff taken to charity today. I have been forgetting to do this, I think because my schedule was over loaded. Well now that I have some room on there it's bugging me. Not to mention Spring is right around the corner and I know I'm going to have more stuff to take. I go through stuff religiously twice a year,once in the Spring and once in the fall like the first of December because Christmas is coming and I don't want the old with the new making a huge clutter problem. We live in a small home and the smallest amount and be a big problem. So I really try to stay on top of it. I also keep a box to put clothes in that I know they have outgrown or don't want anymore. Once that box it full I put it in a bag and drop of it,or at least that's the plan. LOL Right now I have 5 large bags and 2 boxes to drop off. See why it's bugging me?

I have the itch to get to Spring cleaning but I was always taught as a child not to until the gas it turned off for the season. I really want to wash down some walls and wood work but I'm trying to hold off until later in the season. I am going to start going through stuff though,that's not going to hurt anything.

Have you started your Spring cleaning? If so how's it going?

God Bless,