Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quiet Thursday Morning

Good morning everyone. I have a few minutes now of quiet time,the boys just left and I don't have to get Little C up for school just yet. So I thought I would take this time and blog a little with you.

John went for his check up at our doctor and it's all good. The chest pains he was having is not related to anything with his heart. I didn't think it was either but it's always good to hear the doc agrees. : ) But he does think he pulled muscles in his chest and they are now inflammed so he's on anti inflammatory meds and has to call him back in a couple of weeks.

My dad called me last night and told me that they spinal clinic at WVU called him and he has to go Tuesday for an MRI and X Rays. Then Thursday of next week the orthpedic specialist is going to read both and go from there. I suppose we will know by the end of next week or beginning to the following if surgery is needed and when.

Today is the last of this week appointments. I have to take the boys to the dentist for their 6 month check up and cleaning. I do believe this is the last time J will be going to this dentist. He's so big and looks well over the age of 16 and the dentist is a pediactric dentist. He sticks out like a sore thumb in there. I'm going to tell them after today I will be taking him to our family dentist starting the next check up time. I think he will feel better about it and not stick out so much. LOL

On the home front I washed to siding down on the front porch and washed all the vynal on the windows and doors as well as windows. Scrubbed the porch floor and stairs and put away winter clutter. It looks a feels so much better now. I have also been using my clothes lines as much as I can.

Well it now looks like I'm out of time. LOL

God Bless,